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Squeaker and Other Sidewalk Stories

  • Squeaker is my new CD featuring sidewalk stories with a city twist. It makes great family listening. Give me an e-mail, and, for $15, I'll send you a copy. Scroll down to the February 8 blog entry for a description and a good picture.

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Lisa Samuels

Thanks Sally! It's great to hear someone is enjoying an old favourite of Annick's. And better still, your post led me to your fabulous blog - good luck with your storytelling!


Thank you for this, I work with challenged adults that are all at different levels, I think that these type of stories may help fill some down time. I like to keep their minds busy, there is so much potential in everyone, even those who can't or won't express it, and everyone loves a story


I also want to make one to use with my mitten project. I've read the same story for nearly 15 years, maybe it's time to try something different

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