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Sally’s stories tickle your funny bone and stretch your imagination from here to yonder


Storytelling Start
I started storytelling as a school librarian. I discovered that when we all jumped into a story and didn’t take a breath until it spit us out on the other side, the experience drew us together and set the tone for the lesson to follow.

During my time as a librarian, I found good readers make pictures in their heads of the story they are reading, and I knew, from my own listening experience, that good listeners do the same. I believed then, as I do now, that reading stories and listening to stories exercise many of the same faculties.

I have a master’s in Library Science and have worked with books and kids in a school library for eighteen years. Before that I was a Montessori kindergarten and preschool teacher.

Now, in between working on stories to tell, I work on stories to write and have published several articles in AppleSeeds Magazine and an emergent reader entitled Beavers.

Memberships and Involvement
I am a member of the Greater Columbus Arts Council Artist In the School Program, Artsbridge in Marietta and Parkersburg and the Muse Machine in Dayton. I also am a member of the National Storytelling Network, the Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling, and I serve on the board of the Storytellers of Central Ohio.